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Message from Ken

Moving On!

Summer is here, and finally – yes, finally - we can say that our full need in Sharathon 2015 has been met! We are SO grateful to each of you who prayerfully invested in local Christian radio for another year. God's faithfulness, through you, is such an encouragement to me personally as we endeavor to proclaim the Good News of Christ in these challenging times. Thank you! (And, you can still make a commitment or add-on by clicking here if you sense the LORD is leading you in that direction.)

While we are rejoicing in the Sharathon need being met, I do have a few concerns that I would ask to you to pray about. First, while the Sharathon commitment level is fulfilled, we had fewer than usual new donors (those who have never before made a faith promise commitment.) It is very important that new "investors" come on board to replace those who move away, can no longer afford to donate or "graduate" into eternity. Secondly, while the commitment level needed has been reached, our cash flow is surprisingly slow for the first half of the year. These Summer months tend to slow down financially, and costs tend to increase with repairs, maintenance, etc. Your faithfulness during this time is greatly appreciated.

Summer also means new projects and vacation time for staff. Again, your prayers for us are appreciated as we patch together coverage with our small staff to keep everything humming along!


Ken AndrewsKen Andrews, Manager
United Ministries


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