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Message from Ken

Is it possible that we are already half way through 2014? It seems as if we just launched a new year and it's already summer!

Maybe it seems to have gone so quickly because we've been so busy. The LORD has greatly blessed local Christian radio as we have enjoyed His gracious provision and guiding hand. And, even though we have yet to fully complete our Sharathon need (yes, it STILL remains a NEED!) we are very close now and I hope it will be finished soon. Would you please pray to that end? We have much yet to do this year and it would be very encouraging to put the fundraising efforts behind us.

One significant blessing we've recently enjoyed is the installation of a new transmitter in Delta for 1400 AM. It is a much more robust unit, and already reports are coming in that it is clearer and stronger than the "old" one. If you are a listener to 1400 AM, please let us know how the reception is for you...at home, in your business or vehicle. You can call us at 254-KJOL or email info@kjol.org. More good news: the transmitter was paid for by funds outside out regular budget. What a blessing!

Those of you who are regular listeners to KJOL - 620 AM - are aware that in early June we took a major hit and were off the air for nearly a full week. It was an excruciating and expensive process to get the station back up on the air. All seems stable now, but it has emphasized to us the need for a back-up to KJOL AM. We have some ideas about how to accomplish that, and your prayers for us are appreciated! Also pray for wisdom regarding aging equipment that needs to be updated.

As always, we are grateful for the tremendous generosity our listening family has shown to KJOL. It is our privilege to serve the LORD by serving you through local Christian radio. Thank you!

Ken AndrewsKen Andrews, Manager
United Ministries


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