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Message from Ken
"When It Rains...

...it pours!" And given the weather we've had recently, I think we can all relate. We've been very busy with summer repairs, dealing with site issues, equipment damage and more. Thankfully, we are getting a handle on them and hope to see needed maintenance and repairs done soon. In particular now, we've had some issues in Paonia with our 91.3 FM signal that we hope we're getting an handle on. We are working off a back-up unit as we try to determine the full problem. Your prayers for our engineers would be greatly appreciated. Thundershower activity on site has made it especially interesting to get work done there (a tall, "lightning rod" called a tower is a sobering deterrent during lightning storms.) Hopefully we can get this behind us soon, but the good news is that we know "He reigns" even when it pours rain and we experience technical challenges!

As we look at the first seven months of the year (2014 is racing by us!) we are encouraged by the faithfulness of so many of you in our listening family. Our cash flow this year has been better that usual and that takes off a lot of pressure as we do our best to be good stewards of your investment in local Christian radio. Thank you! That said, please continue to remember our consistent needs so we can continue to share the Good News of Christ on the Western Slope and around the globe via the worldwide web. We depend on the LORD to meet our needs through your faithful, prayerful support of KJOL! And again, thank you.

Because He "reigns!"

Ken AndrewsKen Andrews, Manager
United Ministries


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