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Message from Dave

From the Manager's Desk

It’s hard to believe it has been nearly two years since the role of station manager was transitioned to yours truly. And 2 years later, there is a lot of water under the bridge already.  I speculate that the time has gone by so quick because “keeping busy makes the time go by faster.”  And as I reflect on all the big projects that have happened behind the scenes in that time, I am so appreciative to the staff here at KJOL.  A lot has been put on their shoulders, and they have risen to the task.   

We are seeing their efforts pay off.  I don’t mean necessarily dollars-wise…I mean where it counts…in ministry.  Throughout the year, we have heard from a number of new listeners and also longtime listeners finding the richness of His presence through the programming (and staff) at KJOL.  I have been really blown away with some of the exciting testimonies we have received this year, which leave no doubt that this ministry is being used by the Most High!

This year, I think about the Jewish man who recently found Christ and uses KJOL to grow in Him.  I think about the woman who called the station after asking God for someone to pray for her desperate situation, while at the same time searching her radio tuner and all of the sudden hearing a KJOL staff member asking for prayer requests for Prayertime.  I think of the elderly woman in Montrose who is home-bound and calls KJOL “her lifeline.”  I think of the father and son who listen to this ministry together, one here in the Western Slope, and the other serving afar on a nuclear submarine in the US Navy.  I think of the prisoner at Delta Correctional who spends most of his day listening to KJOL and growing in the Word.  I think of the pastor who moved out of state, and said “they need KJOL here.” 

Just a few days ago, another pastor in the Grand Junction area encouraged me, saying he prays for us, because he knows that KJOL brings God’s Word to people that won’t set foot in a church, but would listen to the radio.  It’s true. We reach into prisons, into cars, into homes, into phones and computers, and basically anywhere our signal can be heard or an app downloaded. What a great potential for the Kingdom of God!

Someone from an area ministry recently asked me, with all this exciting stuff going on, are you seeing any more donations come in?  And I related that we hope soon, and while we are living in exciting days for ministry, still have concerns about where we are at financially.  And indeed all that we do does come at a real life financial cost. 

KJOL has been operating at a budgetary deficit pretty much all year long; and I would like to take a minute to personally ask you to bless this ministry with a special gift today…Giving Tuesday.  You can do that right now…right here

Thanks for your consideration, and being there for us, as we seek to be there for you, and the community around us.  God bless you.

Dave Andrews-Dave Andrews
KJOL Station Manager

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