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Message from Dave

From the Manager's Desk

It’s starting to feel like fall! I love seeing the leaves turn orange and the temperatures starting to cool down.  Soup in the pot, and a drive over the Grand Mesa is now a must do.  And with the current change of the season, could I take a moment to urge you to consider supporting local Christian radio ministry this month? 

Enjoying September’s Letter Month, we are struck with how KJOL is making an impact for Christ in our community.  And while we were truly blessed with the opportunity to hear how others are being blessed, this ministry definitely struggled to make budgetary goals in September.  

There are several ways that you can help.  First and foremost, if you would commit to support us for the last 3 months of 2019, we would be so grateful! Even a small one time gift makes a difference.  Second, if you would be willing to tell someone else about this ministry, and how it makes an impact in your life, more listeners will eventually mean more supporters long-term.  And third, we would love it if you could tell your church leadership about us, and ask what it would take for your church to support KJOL, such as with a missions organization.  With churches working on next year’s budgets right now, it’s an opportune time to ask. 

Thank you for your prayerful support as well! We could really use that! And thanks to all who are faithful in their financial support of this ministry to the Western Slope and beyond.


Dave Andrews-Dave Andrews
KJOL Station Manager

PS- I mentioned Letter Month…be sure to check out some of the feedback we received in our newsletter.

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