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Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. -- James 1:22
Read by: James Conley of First Baptist Church, Delta
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KJOL Music Notes
Three Concerts, Three Styles

As mentioned above, three events are coming to the area (if you count Denver!) involving Christian singers.  They each bring a distinctive musical style.

Robin Mark
Delta, September 11
Robin Mark is a worship leader from Ireland, specifically strife-torn Northern Ireland.  He leads worship at Christian Fellowship Church in East Belfast (which is also home to the band Bluetree).  He is probably best known for “Days of Elijah” (also recorded by Paul Wilbur) and his album “Revival in Belfast.”  According to our records, this is the fourth time he has visited the West Slope.  He came to Craig in 2006, Rifle and Glenwood Springs in 2008, and Delta in 2012.

Michael W. Smith
Denver, September 15
Okay, technically this is a David Jeremiah event, but Michael W. Smith will be providing special music.  After more than 30 years of recording contemporary Christian music, Smith has become known in recent years for his worship songs.  Last year he released “Hymns” which won a Dove award for Inspirational Album.  He also released “Sovereign,” a worship-oriented album.  Leading worship for Dr. Jeremiah is Charles Billingsley, who sang on “Arise My Love” with Newsong a few years ago.

Jon Foreman
Grand Junction, September 28
You might not have heard of Jon Foreman unless you are of a certain age and musical tastes.  He is the lead singer of the alternative rock band Switchfoot.  Foreman is a committed Christian whose father is senior pastor of a large church near San Diego.  He is an outstanding guitarists whose solo albums are mostly acoustic, exploring themes such as Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness and Dawn.


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