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God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. -- 2 Corinthians 5:21
Read by: Paul Espinoza of Junction Community Church, GJ
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KJOL Music Notes

New Kids On The Block, 2014, Part 2

This month we continue featuring new artists heard on KJOL, which we affectionately have dubbed the “new kids on the block.”

Jason Gray on KJOL
Jason Gray
“Laugh Out Loud”
42-year-old Jason Gray is not exactly new, but many people may have just recently noticed songs like “With Every Act of Love” and “Nothing Is Wasted” (his first No. 1 single).  After enduring a broken and abusive home life, he became a Christian at the age of 15.  He suffers from stuttering but says his music emphasizes strength through weakness.

Jon Thurlow
“Strong Love”
Jon Thurlow has been a worship leader at the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City for ten years.  The ministry devotes itself to 24-hour prayer and worship.  (KJOL also plays “You Are My Hope” by IHOPKC members Matt Gilman & Cory Asbury.)  He and his wife Kinsey also minister regularly in local children’s homes.

Love & The Outcome on KJOL
Love & The Outcome
"King of My Heart"
Love & The Outcome is a husband-wife duo of Chris Rademacher and Jodi King from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. Jodi was originally a solo artist while her husband played bass in another band. When that band folded, they decided to join forces. In 2013, they were named New Artist of the Year by the Canadian Gospel Music Association.

Spoken For
Spoken For
"Hope Is Rising"
Spoken For is the new name of the Corey Brooks Band. Corey is a regular visitor to Western Colorado. He and T.K. King starte dhte band when they were teenagers, but now that they're growing up, it was tiem for a new name to go with their new, more contemporary sound. The name comes from 1 John 2 which says that "when we sin, Jesus speak on our behalf and brings us to the Father" says King.


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