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The New Face of Today’s Worship Leaders

Worship collaborations are becoming common in the music industry these.  It gives a voice to the many talented singers and worship leaders around the country.  This month, let’s meet some more “New Kids on the Block” including several new worship leaders.

Gateways Church Worship
Gateway Voices, featuring Alena & David Moore
Gateway Church in Dallas is home to well-known worship leader Kari Jobe, but she is just one of many new female voices who are highlighted on this new release.  Alena Moore and her husband, David, have been at Gateway since 2002.  They were married in 2006 and now have a son, David (shown “on the way” in 2013).

Christ Sayburn
New Wine Worship, featuring Chris Sayburn
New Wine Worship is a movement of churches in England.  Chris Sayburn is the former Worship Leader at St. George’s Church in Leeds.  He is currently in training to become a vicar.

Mike Lee
Mike Lee
Mike Lee is a former worship leader at Liquid Church in Indiana.  His newest album, “All I Need,” was written after walking with his father through a year and a half fight with cancer, until his father passed away last year.  Mike is now the main worship leader for Creation Fest.  He is also a mixed martial arts trainer!

Hollis Creek Revival
Hollis Creek Revival
This three-man band from Alabama takes its name from lead singer Brandon Kelly’s grandfather, Hollis.  The band members met at church in Dothan, Alabama, in 2006.  Their newest album has two “sides.”  The second side was recorded as a vinyl throwback using 1970s analog equipment and a 1940s microphone.  (But their current single was recorded using 21st century technology!)



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