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For the Lord is our judge,the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king;it is he who will save us. -- Isaiah 33:22
Read by: David Crowley of The Gathering
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KJOL Music Notes
New Releases for 2015

With Christmas approaching, here are some recent releases that may fit the musical style of someone on your list.

Sara Groves

Sara Groves

The title of Sara Groves’ latest offering is inspired by the floodplain along the Mississippi River near her home in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Groves, who struggles with depression, says sometimes her heart feels like it was built on a floodplain where it can be swept away by the annual floods.  Groves is also involved with the International Justice Mission, which advocates for victims of human trafficking.

Rend Collective

Rend Collective
As Family We Go

The Irish worship band Rend Collective says their name is inspired by Joel 2:13 (“rend your hearts, not your garments”), and they are a family of musicians who seek to be authentic, with open hearts.  Their latest album continues their sometimes frenzied Irish folk/rock/worship sound.

Third Day

Third Day
Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship

This is the first worship album from Mac Powell and Third Day since “Offerings” in 2000 and “Offerings II” in 2003.  However, this is the first album where all the songs were written by Third Day.

I Am They

I Am They
I Am They (debut)

Like Rend Collective, I Am They has a sound that recalls the upbeat folk sound of the popular band Mumford & Sons.  I Am They is a collective of musicians from Carson City, Nevada.  Their name refers to John 17, where Jesus prays for the disciples as "they."

Matt Redman

Matt Redman
Unbroken Praise

From the author “Blessed Be Your Name,” “The Heart of Worship,” and “Better Is One Day” comes his latest offering.  Redman began leading worship at the age of 15 at Soul Survivor in England, and later moved to Atlanta to help start the Passion City Church with other Passion worship leaders.  He currently leads worship at a church plant in southern England.

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