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The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. -- Psalms 29:11
Read by: James Conley of First Baptist Church, Delta
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KJOL E-Newsletter Vol. 173-August 2019

speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord."

- Ephesians 5:19, ESV

-- Inside This Edition –

What's Happening- Rally In The Valley, Amazon Smile, Public PSA's
From The Manager’s Desk- Is Christian Radio Ministry Still Relevant?

Kurt's Music News-The Greatest Hymn of All Time?
Listener Comments- New & Faithful Friends Respond

What's Happening- Rally In the Valley

Rally in the Valley

Rally In The Valley

ICheck out this first ever event from the Western Colorado FCA and Dare 2 Share.  It's a G.O.S.P.E.L Worldview Forum featuring speakers Lee Strobel, D2S Founder Greg Stier, and FCA Colorado Director Andrew Powell.  It will be held in Edwards, CO on August 16 & 17th.  Click here for tickets.


AmazonSmile & KJOL!

You can now support KJOL through your online purchases at Amazon.com.  Sign up and shop at https://smile.amazon.com/ and Amazon will share back a small percentage of proceeds in the support of our work as a 501(c)3 ministry.  Find out more.


Public Service Announcements

Did you know that KJOL offers free publication of church and para-church events to the Christian community?  KJOL reserves the right to decide which events qualify; yet it's a simple service to the Christian Community.  We just need details in writing here.

From The Manager’s Desk

David AndrewsIs Christian Radio Ministry Still Relevant?

Let’s ask that question in a different way, really reaching to the core: Is RADIO really relevant anymore? 

In 2017, Larry Miller, the Director for New York University’s Steinhardt Music Program, made waves for his claims that traditional radio is being crippled by streaming and current digital platforms.  He said the future of radio was bleak.  The logic SOUNDS sound, as radio has been around since the 1880’s…and we all probably know people who love their podcast flavor of the day.  In the wake, Miller’s blog set off a firestorm of statistics being thrown out by experts in the know.

Comparing the stats from 2 years ago, to the first quarter of this year, we see radio trends holding very steady.  Nielson Ratings found that for the first quarter of 2019,
92% of adults in the US, 18 years old on up, listen to the radio weekly.

That is right now…this year.  The Lund Report asserts those are also the same numbers from 30 years ago.  Compare that to TV, which is seeing a small decline at around 86%, or even Smartphone streaming currently at 50%, and satellite radio at 16%.  According to News Generation, right now 95% of Millennials are reached by radio, and for Gen X’ers 97%.  Baby Boomers in the US have the highest listenership, at 98%.

It is true that streaming use has increased by about 7% over the last year.  But traditional radio is giving no ground (the two appear almost complimentary); and experts believe radio will continue to have a big place in the foreseeable future.  The National Broadcasting Association says that 88% of Generation Z kids use the radio weekly already. Nielson adds that there seems to be a correlation between teens aging into their 20’s with increased radio use…employment being a key factor.

Hence, we not-so-surprisingly believe the delivery method of radio is still perhaps one of the most effective forms of media, and is thought to continue to be so in the future.  Combine that with what we broadcast…God’s Word (which is relevant for all generations), and we believe we have a powerful tool for the ministry of the Gospel and growth in Christ in our day and age. 

A former KJOL listener who had moved from the Western Slope to Tennessee, recently messaged us on Facebook, saying that after listening to other stations in their area, they couldn’t find a comparison, so now they use the KJOL App.
We see this as a win-win for radio ministry.  As that old time radio continues to reach a powerful 242 million Americans each week, we are excited about how streaming enhances and supports radio ministry. Both have a great potential for reaching lives with the Good News of Christ.
Please continue to pray for KJOL, for effective delivery and hearts prepared for the Truth from the Word of Life. 

God bless,

Dave Andrews
KJOL Station Manager

Kurt's Music News The Greatest Hmyn of All Time

KurtWhat is the "Greatest Hymn of All Time"?

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada held its annual convention recently, and just for fun, they created a March Madness style bracket with 32 hymns competing for “greatest hymn of all time.”
Entries included such stalwarts as “How Great Thou Art,” “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and “Amazing Grace.” They also included contemporary favorites such as Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God.”
The four finalists were:
Holy, Holy, Holy
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Holy God We Praise Thy Name

The last one may be a surprising choice if, like me, you have never heard it.  It was a popular Catholic hymn in 18th century Germany, later accepted as a Protestant hymn in the 20th century.
The Christmas hymns may also be surprising, but for those who like to sing, they are certainly wonderful hymns.
In the end, “Holy, Holy, Holy” narrowly prevailed over “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”  Anglican Bishop Reginald Heber wrote “Holy, Holy, Holy” for Trinity Sunday shortly before he died while serving in Calcutta in 1826.
By the way, the most licensed song in churches today (CCLI) is Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord).”

Listener Comments- Faithful Friends Respond

""My favorite station. We now live in eastern Tennessee and I listen on the app on my phone." -Michael, Tennessee
"Love Unshackled!" -Sharon, Fruita
"I am still unable to contribute to you on a monthly basis. I can however send some support occasionally. Wish I could do more. The grace and peace of our Lord be with you. Thank you for your faithful support of God's Bible teaching. The Lord be with you." -Allen, Fruita
"Thank you for your faithfulness!" -Debbie, Palisade
"Praying for God's provision." -Ellen, Littleton
"Enclosing a small gift, but you said that was ok. I'd like to give more, perhaps later on. I've listened to you over fifteen years. The morning and evening messages help me a great deal. Love in our Jesus, who is Lord." -Alene, Montrose

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