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KJOL E-Newsletter Vol. 156 – March 2018

“You are my God, and I will praise you; you are my God, and I will exalt you.  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

- Psalm 118:28-29 (NIV)


-- Inside This Edition --

Studio/Technology Upgrades- In Process!  Prayers Needed!
From The Manager’s Desk- Upgrades & Provision
Kurt’s ♫Music Notes♫- KJOL’s CD Library Goes Away
Listener Comments-
Many Thanks!


Studio/Technology Upgrades- In Process!  Prayers Needed!

The largest equipment/studio upgrade we have made since going on the air on AM620 in 2001 is underway!  Thanks for your continued prayers in the process for our engineers and other staff.  The staff will be learning a brand new software system next week, so pray that we learn quickly.  Our aim is to continue to provide the best broadcast quality and on-air sound now and into the future.  

This upgrade process will continue to involve potential temporary changes in the next few weeks to our on-air programming at various times specifically to SRN News, Chris Fabry Live, and our overnight broadcast from Moody Radio.  You may also hear intermittent dead air from time to time, and other abnormalities in programming, as engineers work to rebuild our systems.

donateWe hope you will take this opportunity to join us in this exciting upgrade process with a generous gift today above and beyond what you already regularly provide!  Your gifts right now to KJOL are making it possible for us to be part of transformed hearts and renewed minds well into the future! 

Designate your special gift as “New Systems Upgrade” in the memo; and mail it to 1354 East Sherwood Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81501; OR you may donate via our website with your debit/credit card. Look for the “donate” button at www.kjol.org and make your special contribution to upgrade our KJOL studios today…and thanks again!

From The Manager’s Desk- Upgrades & Provision

clip_image005Spring is close, and something new is in the air…or shall I say, on the air! With all the energy happening behind the scenes, there is an air of excitement about the new system-wide upgrades that are taking place right now at KJOL.  After years of planning, it truly is awesome to see the new equipment arrive, and be wired into place as we upgrade from our very old on-air systems, to brand new “up to date” machinery. 

You might be asking, so what are they working on?  Financially, and system-wise, the big piece of the puzzle is actually just 3 computers, and their specialized radio broadcasting software.  Those items are very costly.  BUT, in order to do that, we have to un-assemble everything that interacts with those computers, and possibly even replace some of those other components.  That turns it into a major engineering feat.  One of the components, which must be replaced to maintain security, is our desktop computers.  That is another larger piece of the puzzle, as is a new main studio board…another necessity (perhaps more on how God provided that at a later date).  From there, there is a whole assortment of items that support all of those systems, like up to date racks, radio UPS’s, carpentry, and electrical work, to name a few.

SO, all that said, would you pray for us? Pray for financial provision.  While the final numbers change from day to day, it is a very expensive undertaking, and we could really use listeners to stand behind us financially during this time.  Our staff in particular could also use your prayers.  We are so appreciative for a hard working staff…pray that we can keep up the pace, and that we represent Christ well to each other, but also as we work with outside help in this project.  We want His Light to shine over the airwaves, AND behind the scenes as well.

Feel free to email me with questions, at dave@kjol.org, or…our address: 1354 E. Sherwood Dr. GJ 81501.  Thank you so much for your support, your faithfulness financially, and your prayers. 

Kurt’s ♫Music Notes♫- KJOL’s CD Library Goes Away


This is a picture of KJOL’s entire music library as it once existed on CD.  New music today is delivered digitally via Internet, so these discs have not been used for years.  We estimated there are 1800 discs in that picture!  They also represent my “life’s work” at KJOL!  I personally reviewed and printed labels for every disc in that picture.

A little history. Compact Discs did not become widely used until about 1985.  When I began at KJOL in 1991, we were still playing vinyl records.  In one corner was a stack of 20 discs with a sign that said “Play me!”

By 1997, when I became Music Director, all of our music was played on CD.  We maintained a database containing the name and location of every song in our library, and we printed it all out on paper!  Each disc had a label so we could find it quickly and cue up the correct song.  Sometimes we played the wrong cut by mistake, or the disc skipped (or wouldn’t play at all!).  “Live” songs had to be manually faded down during the applause at the end.

In 2000, KJOL was sold, and we started over, rebuilding the old format on AM620.  The staff spent about 90 hours manually recording 1200 songs into our new computer system, one song at a time.  We didn’t know we could have digitally “ripped” the songs in a fraction of the time!

We’re looking forward to having new computers and studio equipment for the first time since 2001.  The old CD library will be retired, but many of those wonderful older songs will continue to live on the air, thanks to modern technology.  The source may have changed but “the song remains the same.”

Listener Comments- Many Thanks!

I just want to say thanks for the playlist! I heard a song I really wanted to hear again while driving to work and feared I would have trouble finding out what it was.  I looked at the playlist and checked the time I was driving and there it was!!! Thanks!

-       Genna, Grand Junction

Thank you for many years of solid programming. I have been meaning to support you for a long time. Listening to Dr. Dobson for years brought me through raising kids and marriage challenges. Thank you for your faithfulness! Praise God. 

-       Margaret, Grand Junction  

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you dear Children of God! Thank you for bringing KJOL to all of us.

-       Debbie, Palisade

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