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Read by: Charlie Hornick of Grace Bible Church, Battlement Mesa
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KJOL E-Newletter Vol. 123 – May 2015

“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”
- Romans 13:8 (NIV)

-- Inside This Edition --

Post Sharathon 2014-Have We Heard From You?
Brandon Heath Concert-Monday, May 11 @ 7 PM in Grand Junction
One Cry Prayer Summit-Join in Thursday, May 7th from 6-8 PM on KJOL
National Day of Prayer-
Thursday, May 7 – Events @ Noon
Moody Bible Institute Pastors’ Conference- May 19-22 @ 7 PM on KJOL
From The Manager’s Desk-Moving Forward
Kurt’s ♫Music Notes♫- Billy Ray Hearn, Founder of Myrrh and Sparrow, Dies at 85
Listener Comments- How Your Gifts Are Shining Light Into The Lives Of Others!

Post Sharathon 2014- Have We Heard From You?

Sharathon 2015- Let your Light Shine

As of this writing we have $155,892 in total Faith Promises for 2015 or 88.3% of our need of $176,500.  That doesn’t mean all that money has come in, it simply means that over 380 people have decided that God will provide them the necessary means to support us at various amounts over this next year (24 are NEW!).  It also means we still need to hear from more of you concerning your financial commitment to KJOL for this coming year!  Remember, we don’t automatically renew or add your Faith Promise from last year unless you are supporting us through an autopay feature via your bank!  So, let us hear from you at 254-5565 Monday-Friday 8 AM- 5 PM, via www.kjol.org, or by U.S. Mail.

We believe God has asked us to shine the light of Christ by bring the Good News through music and instruction that develops disciples of Christ everyday, but we can’t do it without your prayers and financial support.  So, please pray for us, for others in our listening family and, of course, for your part in seeing our need met in a timely way and together we will push back the darkness in Western Colorado and the world via our radio and internet ministry..

Brandon Heath in ConcertBrandon Heath Concert- Monday, May 11 @ 7 PM in Grand Junction

Monumental Events presents Brandon Heath – “Give Me Your Eyes” & “Your Love” – Monday, May 11 @ 7 PM at the Avalon Theater in Grand Junction.  Doors open at 6 PM and tickets are available now at Monumentalevents.com with group rates (10 or more) available by calling 970-812-1292.  Seats are reserved and prices are as follows: Preferred- $30, Regular- $25, Group- $22. 

One Cry Prayer Summit- Join in Thursday, May 7th from 6-8 PM on KJOL

The excitement is growing for the OneCry Prayer Summit: Taking the Next Step Toward Awakening, a nationally broadcast concert of prayer Thursday, May 7, originating live from Moody Bible Institute from 6–8 p.m. on KJOL! Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Bob Bakke will inspire us to join in raising our voices together in prayer on the National Day of Prayer. Guests include Kyle Martin, David Platt (Radical), Nick Hall and many others.  Don’t miss this opportunity to join with brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer from 6-8 PM on Thursday, May 7 via KJOL.

National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer- Thursday, May 7- Events@ Noon

The 64th annual National Day of Prayer, May 7, 2015, will have profound significance for our country.  It is an unprecedented opportunity to see the Lord’s healing and renewing power made manifest as we humbly come before His throne. The theme for 2015 is Lord, Hear Our Cry, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to place their faith in the unfailing character of their Creator, who is sovereign over allgovernments, authorities, and men.  Events are taking place around the Western Slope and the nation on Thursday, May 7.  Find out about an event near you by clicking here now and prayerfully consider becoming a volunteer in your church or community to lead a National Day of Prayer gathering. May the Lord’s peace fill your heart as you rest in Him throughout the days ahead. 

Moody Bible Institute Pastors’ Conference- May 19-22 @ 7 PM on KJOL

Moody Bible Institute’s annual Pastors’ Conference is designed to encourage, enrich and equip pastors. But it’s not just for Pastors! Everyone tuning in will be encouraged and challenged by the featured speakers this year. The evening sessions will feature Paul Nyquist, E. Dewey Smith, Chip Ingram and Jack Graham airing Tuesday through Friday, May 19-22 at 7 p.m

From The Manager’s Desk- Moving Forward

Ken AndrewsAs Sharathon 2015 - the event - wound down on April 18th, I felt a great calm and assurance of God's faithfulness to KJOL. He worked so mightily through so many people and I came away confident that the LORD would fully meet our need, in His way, in His time. (And, no doubt it keeps us humble and trusting Him...)

Since then, we have been steadily chipping away at the balance, and we are eagerly awaiting the day when the full amount is met. Let me encourage you to pray for us that the LORD will meet that need soon. We especially need new "investors" to join the faithful members of our "Radio Family" so we can see the full amount met. If you've not yet responded with a faith promise, please pray about what YOU can do! You can use the Pre-Sharathon letter tear-off if you received that mailing, go through our website at www.kjol.org or use the "Faith Promise" button on our web player. Of course, the phones still are a great way to contact us and we'd gladly take your call at 254-5565!

While you are praying, please remember us during the approaching summer months. We have some projects to pursue, and it is always a window for repairs to be done.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who prayed and invested during our annual fundraising event. In closing, one more prayer request. It comes from the Scripture, as I shared at the end of Sharathon and paraphrase now (in the plural) the Apostle Paul from Ephesians 6: Pray for us that whenever we speak, words may be given us so that we will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel...pray that we may declare it fearlessly, as we should.

That is my prayer for you too!


Ken Andrews, Manager
United Ministries

Kurt’s Music Notes- Billy Ray Hearn, Founder of Myrrh and Sparrow, Dies at 85

Billy Ray Hearn, the man who started Myrrh and Sparrow Records, passed away on April 15.  He was 85.  Myrrh and Sparrow were arguably the two most significant record labels of the burgeoning era known as “Contemporary Christian Music.”

In 1972, Hearn went to work for Word Records (home of Kurt Kaiser and Ralph Carmichael).  He started Myrrh Records, which brought to Word a more contemporary lineup of artists, including:
Myrrh Early Artists

  • Honeytree (1973)
  • The 2nd Chapter of Acts (1974)
  • Barry McGuire (1973)
  • Phil Keaggy (1973)

Other early Myrrh artists included:

·   Randy Stonehill (1983)
·   B.J. Thomas (1976)
·   Amy Grant (1977)
·   Steve Camp (1978)
·   Benny Hester (1981)
·   David Meece (1976)
·   White Heart (1982)

In 1976, Hearn left Myrrh to start his own record label called Sparrow Records, bringing with him Barry McGuire, The 2nd Chapter of Acts, and Phil Keaggy.

Other early artists on Sparrow included:

·   Keith Green (1977)
·   John Michael Talbot (1977)
·   Scott Wesley Brown (1977)

Sparrow’s best known artists included:

·   Michael Card (1981)
·   Steve Green (1984)
·   Steven Curtis Chapman (1987)

Other Sparrow artists over the years have included:

·   Avalon (1996)
·   Out of the Grey (1991)
·   ZOEgirl (1998)

Listener Comments- How Your Gifts Are Shining Light Into The Lives Of Others!

Hi there! It has been a blessing to hear Christian music, prayers and sermons on the headsets we can buy from the jail's commissary. My life has been changing more then ever before. Thank you for praying for my mother, She is doing okay, just have to deal with chemo for a while. Please pray for my trial that is coming up April 13th, I know God has his hand on my case. It's been a long jouney. Remembering Christ's death gives us courage for today and hope for tomorrow. Our Lord Jesus Christ lives today and forever.
-  Inmate, Grand Junction

Due to personal, medical needs, this will be our last donation payment. God bless you.
- Anonymous, Grand Junction

When I called to faith pledge, I got a really sweet woman. I am a first time giver. I love all KJOL pastors especially, David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley. I love the worship music too. Love and thanks.
-  Marilyn, Fruita

I love all the teachings and that the music isn't always the top ten. It's a wonderful variety....thank you.
- Bobbi, Whitewater

I retired from the Army and moved here in 2009 with my two children. I am a disabled veteran and have had some health issues going on since then but have not had the financial ability to contribute until now. I have listened to KJOL since 2009 and I heavily rely on the daily programs from 8:00 to 4:30 like Focus on the Family, Odyssey, Family Life Today, and Chris Fabry just to name a few. I hope this helps toward your goal. I will keep KJOL and all the staff in my prayers. God Bless!!
 - Linda, Grand Junction



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