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Praise that a son is doing very well in recovery at Craig Rehab. Praise for good strength, good cognitive recovery, speech recovery. Continue to pay for vision recovery. 8-24
Praise that a cousin who was poisoned by pesticide has gone home and is recovery nicely. Praise for family members renewing their interest in the Lord as a result of this event. 8-24
Praise that a woman with a severely painful hernia is out of the hospital following surgery and doing very well. 8-11
Praise that a listener's various family members are coming to know the Lord in salvation. 8-7


Good News Pastor:  

Pray for Mark Fisher of Monument View Bible Church in Fruita as he shares the Good News verses this week. Pray that the Lord will strengthen and encourage him as he ministers to our brothers and sisters in Christ and reaches out to the community with the Good News of the Gospel.


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