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Church Partnership
One of the goals of local Christian radio is to provide “Quality Christian radio programming to the Western Slope of Colorado and Eastern Utah, in support of the Body of Christ and the local Church.” As we support local churches, we would love the local church to support us as well! 

How churches can partner with KJOL:

  • In Prayer-  Your church can commit to regularly pray for this ministry on a number of different levels.  Whether at business meetings, in Bible Studies, Sunday School Groups, or church services, KJOL needs continual prayer.  For more on prayer support, go here.   

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  • Financially-  Your church can join other area churches to get in on the ground level in support of Local Christian Radio.  KJOL is a non-profit 501(C)3, non-commercial radio station.  This means we are sustained through the generosity of our listeners, local churches, and business people. Your church can make a monthly, annual, or one-time gift to KJOL or even adopt us as part of your missions team.

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Questions on supporting KJOL financially?

For more information on becoming a Church Partner, or to see a list of budgeted expenses, contact Ken Andrews.  All gifts can be mailed to, or dropped off at:

KJOL/United Ministries
1354 E. Sherwood Dr.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

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Why should your church support KJOL financially?

  • KJOL is a solid, Biblically based ministry.  We know that it all starts and ends with Jesus.  We encourage you to browse our statement of faith for more. 

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  • KJOL shares your church’s goals.  KJOL encourages daily and weekly involvement in your local church.  KJOL is not a substitute, but comes alongside the local church to uplift, teach, and encourage each congregation when they are outside the church walls.  We both seek to bless the saints, and reach the lost.  For more on KJOL’s goals, see our missions statement.

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  • KJOL reaches many every day.  Research shows that a very high percentage of people still listen to their radios each and every day.  And in general, 25% of those who listen to Christian radio, are non-Christians.  Furthermore, many others come across Christian radio by simply scanning the dial.  The potential to reach the lost through Local Christian Radio is exciting. 

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  • KJOL bears fruit.  Matthew 7:17 says “Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”  We constantly hear from listeners who relate stories of how they have been encouraged through the music and teaching, taught important life lessons from the Scripture, and uplifted during tough times in their life.  And yes, from time to time, we even hear the exciting stories of how non-believers turn to KJOL, find the gospel of Christ, and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!  We know that the Lord changes lives through this ministry in the Western Slope. 

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  • KJOL provides an outlet for the church.  We aid the church , providing a place to uplift their pastors and congregations through Good News Verses and Prayertime, as well as by highlighting local church events through free on-air Public Service Announcements. 

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  • KJOL does not compete with your church.  KJOL is very clear that the programs on this station are not an alternative to weekly attendance and participation at a local church.  Rather, Local Christian Radio, encourages local regular church attendance for individual fellowship, ministry, growth, and accountability.   Also, KJOL does not compete financially.  We make it very clear during each of our annual Sharathons, that we do not seek support that takes away from the church; but listener’s financial obligations are to the church first, and then to KJOL.  We are an extension of the church, and want to honor it. 

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  • KJOL needs it!  Because KJOL is listener supported, we could not be on the air without people supporting their local Christian radio station.  And since our station cannot exist on the generous gifts of a faithful few, we need a number of people to get involved.  This means each and every gift is important to keep this station alive and growing. 

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  • KJOL is excited and growing!  We are excited about Christian radio ministry!  We see the Lord moving in exciting ways to grow this ministry to Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  Approval for new KJOL translators and stations in Western Colorado are happening in miraculous and fascinating ways.  It’s quite fascinating to see how God is leading!

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